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Formerly known as Dalian Medical University, Zunyi Medical University was established in 1947.  It was moved to Zunyi from Dalian to support the development of Southwestern China and renamed as Zunyi Medical University in the mid-1960s. It has been  co-sponsored by National Health & Family Planning Commission and People’s Government of Guizhou Province since 2016. The University was among the first group of pilot universities for the program of Elite Doctors. 70 years’ worth of efforts has witnessed its important role as a multi-disciplinary university with different kinds of programs and its characteristics in Guizhou Province.

The University consists of Zunyi Campus and Zhuhai Campus, covering a total area of 412 acres. It has 28 faculties, 4 directly affiliated and 9 non-directly affiliated hospitals. There are more than 16,000 students in the university.

It has gathered talents from all over the world since its establishment, such as famous scholars like Wu Rukang, Wei Xi, Shen Qizhen, Zhang Yi, Wu Lv, etc.  It has 1,055 staff members. Among those, 777 are associate professors or professors, 961 have master degrees or above, 703 are master supervisors and 10 are doctoral supervisors. 50 of the researchers are sponsored by the State Council or the Provincial Government. Some researchers or teachers have obtained national or provincial honors.

It covers medicine, science, engineering, education, management and liberal arts for undergraduate programs, including 29 majors. As one of the first group of universities with authority to confer master degree, ZMU started postgraduate education in 1955. It has 5 majors and 43 sub-majors for postgraduate program. Pharmacy ranked the first-class discipline for national support and clinical medicine for provincial support in 2017.

It has undertaken 2351 research projects during the last five years, among which 232 were sponsored by the NSFC. It has won 3 first prizes for the Science and Technology Award of Guizhou Province. The library has 1.31 million books and 1.05 million electronic ones and it has been the Science Workstation of the Ministry of Education. The employment rate for newly-graduated students has been above 95 percent for the last three years.

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Is Email Verified: : Yes
Total Employees: : 1501-2000
Established In: : 1947
Current jobs: : 30

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