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At Shane English School, we recognise that everyone learns language differently.

Our teachers adapt their English lessons to individual student’s needs. We focus on developing our students’ communicative proficiency in order to prepare them for real-life encounters with other English speakers.

Our insistence on employing only 100% TEFL-certified English teachers, and following strict recruitment criteria, has ensured quality as the foundation of the system.

Teachers guide and support students throughout their studies, providing interesting English lessons and offering helpful feedback.

Our teachers care about each student’s progress. We make English classes as interactive as possible to engage students in the skills they are practising and to ensure every student reaches their full potential.

Every English lesson is aimed at providing opportunities for learners to use the target structure. Teachers will employ communicative teaching techniques which best suit the age, level, and ability of each class.

All methods used have been proven to help students acquire the English language. With younger learners there is an emphasis on meaning through context; similar to first language acquisition (their mother tongue.) These methods encompass the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Speaking and listening are the foundation of the communicative building blocks of the English language. Reading and writing progress at the appropriate developmental stages.

Other key benefits are accurate and natural pronunciation and intonation as well as appropriacy in the use of vocabulary, grammar, and functional language. Combining this approach with native-English teachers yields incredible results!

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