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LatinHire was founded in 2003 by three young entrepreneurs who envisioned a company that transcends geographical boundaries taking advantage of new technologies and the Internet.

Our vision is to connect people in a decentralized network, beyond national borders, thus making the world smaller and smarter.

Our concern is to build up a friendly organization that generates the highest level of commitment, enthusiasm, and motivation on every member to deliver a unique and outstanding service for our clients.

Latinhire’s headquarter is in Santiago, Chile, the most stable and developed country in Latin America. From here we manage and supervise all our activities. However, LatinHire links professionals from most American countries. We base our selection process on the quality of the communication infrastructure, the cultural profile required, political stability, and the time-zone location of the different countries, among other key variables.


All the online work opportunities promoted by LatinHire have the following characteristics in common:

Flexible schedule. We try to offer online work opportunities with schedules that are as flexible as possible. Ideal for parents, students, and travelers.

Flexible location. Work from anywhere as long as you have access to a computer and Internet access that meets the requirements of the position.

Clear communications. You will have a coordinator at your disposal to answer any questions.

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