School Language Master

Company Description

Language Master is a 1-2-1 online teaching app available on Android or iOS.

It is an open platform where teachers set their status to available or open times in their schedule that students can book. The student then calls the teacher directly and talks. Payments are calculated per minute and paid at the end of each month after withdrawal.

There are official courses covering IELTS, Business & General English and courses for young learners too, although mainly adults use the platform.

Company Detail

Is Email Verified: : Yes
Total Employees: : 201-300
Established In: : 2015
Current jobs: : 1

Job Openings History

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Teach English to adults online at Language Master Part Time

Earn $10-30(£8-20)/hr teaching online at Language Master. Do you have a clear speaking voice and teaching experience? Then, you sound like a gr...