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HL Education was established in 2014 and is a subsidiary of Hulian Tianjian (Beijing) Educational Technology Co., Ltd,  a professional translation and English training organization.


The company has strong professional capabilities, providing business English services such as conference simultaneous translation. Relying on rich training experience, industry resources, and teachers, it has formed a unique teaching system, complete teaching standards and procedures. We are committed to providing customized high-quality English training services, and strive to cultivate a group of Chinese with an international perspective.


Progressive translation training courses are practical and efficient and cover many industries, including life, business, and industry specialty categories. According to specific needs, tailor-made teaching modules for customers, and customize solutions to achieve teaching goals. We have strong teachers, internationally-certified foreign trainers and domestic professional teaching teams to meet the needs of various levels of groups. We have a good reputation and can achieve cross-domain, multi-dimensional training support.

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