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Doctor English Academy
Doctor English Academy
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저희 Doctor English Academy는 모든 시작과 끝은 항상 아이들이며, 이 중심을 잃어버리지 않고 교육을 할 것입니다.  아이들을 지도하는 교육이라 아이들에게 맞게 정직한 마음과 올바른 교육으로 수업을 재미있게 하다보니 그 결과는 놀라울 정도로 좋았습니다.

The Academy: Established in 2015, the academy is AMERICAN owned and operated. The owner is also an educator and teaches classes directly, so the various perspectives and concerns of students, teachers, and parents are understood. The teachers are all professionals with either degrees in Education or 10+ years of teaching. The Academy always has a huge waiting list of students and only opens new classes once capable teachers are found.

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