Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my resume on the Top of the list?

Each time to login to the system your resume will go the to top on the resume board.  

How will I know is I am qualified for the job?

Most of the time the job posting will have the requirements that are needed for the position.  Typically, most positions require a 4 year degree and an accredited TESOL, TEFL, or CELTA Certification. 

How often are jobs posted.

The jobs on ESLBoards are posted on demand but do go through some screening before going live.  

How often will I be paid?

This information usually is within the listing but if it is not this would be an important question to ask during the interview. 

How can I access the contact information on the resume list?

You will need to have an account on ESLBoards as an Employer to access the contact information on the resumes.  This is a paid service. 

How often should I post a job on gets about 10 to 15 jobs per day so it is recommended that you post a job weekly. 

Are the teachers screened on the Resume List?

Most of the teachers have been screened to the best of our ability so most of them will meet the standard requirements of a 4 year degree and a TESOL / TEFL Certification. 

How will I know when someone has applied to my position?

You will receive an email each time a teacher applies and you can also see the teachers that apply in your dashboard.